Inle(Maingthauk)-Lwelem-Inn Ne-Thapyaykone-Naunglay-Inle(ThaleOo)


Pa-O region, part of the Southern Shan State is rich in tourist attractions. There are legacies of ancient cultures, places for rest and relaxation, well preserved forests and mountains with natural beauty suitable for eco-tourism. Three diverse ethnic groups the Shans, Pa-Os and the Inthas can also be found here, each with their own distinct cultures. Consequently the region has every opportunity for Community Involved Tourism (CIT) activities, increase incomes from the tourism industry and bring benefits to the local population.

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Tour Highlights

  • Maingthauk Bridge,
  • Inle Lake,
  • Tawya (forest) monastery,
  • Traditional food,
  • Village lifestyle ex-perience,
  • Reforestation activity,
  • Try on traditional costumes,
  • Traditional dance and music performance,
  • Over-night at Pa-O village community house,
  • Plantation views,
  • Bamboo basket making,
  • Bird sanctuary,
  • Boat ride.
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(If you would like to stay at the hotel in NyaungShwe City, you will have to walk 3-5 minutes to reach NyaungShwe Jetty where the boat will wait for you). Starting point is at Maingthauk Bridgeat about 8:30 AM. On the way to Lwelem village, visit Tawya(forest) monastery, enjoy the beautiful landscape and view of Inle Lake. Have your lunch in a local house at Lwelem village with Pa-O Traditional food. After lunch, we proceed to Inn Ne(CBT project village) where we take a night stop at the community house. In the evening, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of village, local daily activities and local house building through observation around the village by yourself. You will also have an opportunity to dress in a Pa-O traditional costume during your stay. After dinner, enjoy the culture exchange session with the local people by playing their traditional musical instruments and showing their ways of dancing.

Distance = 12 km, Walking Hour = 4:30hrs (approximate)
Trek condition = 55% up, 10% down & 35% flat


After breakfast, make your sweet memory and educate the local people through re-planting activity around CBT village will be included. Then, say goodbye to Inn Ne villagers and continue to Thapyaykone village. Discover tea plantations, avocado trees and orange plantations on the way. After Thapyaykone, we keep going to Naunglay where we have lunch. After lunch, have a visit at the bamboo basket making family workshop and observe local ways of life at that village. On the way back to Konechan, you will pass by a colorful vegetable garden and orchard where you can discover local farming. Then proceed to ThaleOo (Alemyaung)village boat jetty, which is also famous for its bird sanctuary. Finally, get back to the hotel in Inle or hotel in NyaungShwe by boat.

Distance = 16.45 km, Walking Hour = 5hrs (approximate)
Trek condition = 5% up, 45% down &50% flat

Remark: Helpers are provided (1-2 pax = 0 helper, 3-5 pax = 1 helper, 6-8 pax = 2 helpers, 9-12 pax = 3 help
ers, 13-16 pax = 4 helpers, 17-21 pax = 5 helpers)
* Bags transfer is provided for 3 pax and more.
* 1 session of culture show is provided for only 3 pax and more.

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