Inle(Magyikone)-Hti Ne-Kakku-Taunggyi-Inle


Pa-O region, part of the Southern Shan State is rich in tourist attractions. There are legacies of ancient cultures, places for rest and relaxation, well preserved forests and mountains with natural beauty suitable for eco-tourism. Three diverse ethnic groups the Shans, Pa-Os and the Inthas can also be found here, each with their own distinct cultures. Consequently the region has every opportunity for Community Involved Tourism (CIT) activities, increasing incomes from the tourism industry which will definitely bring benefits to the local population.

Pick up you at the hotel in Inle.(If you would like to stay at the hotel in NyaungShwe City, you will have to walk 3-5 minutes to reach NyaungShwe Jetty where the boat will wait for you). Trekking starting point is at Magyikone boat jetty, on the eastern shore of the lake. The tour is a soft and hard trek to the summit where you can see the full scale of the blue and hazy mountain range on the eastern bank of Inle Lake. Visit the traditional Pa-O village of Hti Ne and the community lodge to enjoy your lunch there. After lunch, make your sweet memory and educate the local people through re-planting activity around CBT village will be included. Then, continue your trip to spend your time by observing Pa-O hand-weaving of bright and colorful piece of textiles and traditional shoulder bags. A car is waiting ahead ready to continue about 45 minutes to KakkuPagoda complex. Kakku is one of the famous places, which is an ancient pagoda complex containing almost 2500 stupas. In Myanmar the Kakku pagodas are worshipped as an important site of pilgrimage. In the evening depart from Kakku by car to the hotel in Inle or hotel in NyaungShwe.

Distance = 12 km (trek), = 88 km (car) Walking Hour = 4 hrs (approximate)

Trek condition = 25% up, & 75% flat

Remark: helpers are provided
(1-3 pax = 0 helper, 4-6 pax=1 helper, 7-9 pax =2 helpers, 10-15 pax =3 helpers, 16-21 pax = 4 helpers)

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Tour Highlights

  • Inle Lake,
  • Boat ride,
  • Panorama view,
  • Village lifestyle experience,
  • Traditional lunch,
  • Reforestation activity,
  • Pa-O hand-weaving,
  • Ancient Kakku Pagoda complex.
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