Bagan (One of the richest archaeological sites in Asia)

Bagan is the main tourist attraction in Myanmar and 500km away from north of Yangon. It is reach by flight 1:20 hr from Yangon, by road takes 8 hours and by river 9 hours from Mandalay.Bagan is founded at 10th century and today it's become one of the richest archaeological sites in Asia.

Situated on the eastern bank of the Ayarwaddy River in the dry central plains of the country. Bagan is the chief tourist attraction with Temples, Pagogas and Religious ancient mounments of all sizes and shapes scattered all over the area.

The magical inspiration of Bagan's ancient civilization has brought thousands of tourists to Myanmar for centuries.

With over 2000 temple and monuments of the 11st to 13th century built in the traditional style of ancient Myanmar architecture can boast of its richest archaeological site in Southeast Asia. Ruins of all sizes, some glorious temples and graceful small pagodas stand as far as one's eye can see. "Remember that if you have never been to bagan you can't say I've been to Myanmar".

Featured Places in Bagan

Bagan & Nyaung Oo
Shwezigon Pagoda
Ananda Temple
Thatbyinnyu Temple
Tharapa Gate
Shwesandaw Pagoda
Dhammayan Gyi
Myanmar Lacquer Ware
Bu Paya